LIVE WEBCLASS: April 22nd, 2021

How To Land Your Dream Job Faster Than You Thought Possible, Without Applying To Jobs Online!

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What You'll Discover

In This LIVE Webclass:

  • How to bypass the online application process and get an interview using the side-door method

  • How to look qualified and still be a great candidate for your dream job, even if you think you have no relevant experience

  • How to know exactly what questions will be on the interview BEFORE you show up, so you can nail it even if you're bad at interviewing!  

About Your Host

Driven. Ambitious. Catalyst. These are all words that you could use to describe the coach and creator of Career Amp, AJ Mizes. AJ brings years of experience to the table working for megabrands like Facebook, spending the majority of his career working with and driving strategy with high level professionals from all sorts of backgrounds.



Through his work, AJ helps working professionals reach a breakthrough in their careers, make the money they deserve, eliminate the stress and overwhelm that often come with job searches, and helps his clients work in teams and companies they love.


A.J.'s been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, The International Business Times and a number of other media outlets, stages, and podcasts.  After conducting thousands and thousands of interviews in his career, working with some of the most well-recognized brands and companies, supporting over 3,000 leaders, and garnering a social media following of over 17,000 people, A.J. has made a name for himself in the coaching and career strategy world.

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